Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

All products in the store will have a 'read terms here' link on it's product's description page. I have many different terms of use so it is best to read the one that comes with the product you are looking to purchase or go to my
erms Of use for more abbreviations- Go  Here

PU-Scrap Kits: Tagger and Full Size:
All tagger and full size kits are personal use only.You may not design and sell anything from these kits that will generate a profit, nor are freebies allowed to be made and given away.
You may alter my graphics by changing the size and colour,or by adding/subtracting items such as buttons, glitter, bow etc If using to create tags, web sets,blog layouts,or IM stationary for yourself,credit is not mandatory, but would be greatly appreciated.
You may not share, sell or use to create new kits, whether it be for profit or to give away in a freebie kit.

Commercial Use Items:
You may incorporate my CU products into your full size or tagger size kits. Credit is not mandatory, but is always appreciated.
You may use these items to create your own quickpages, scrapkits, etc.. and sell what you make with it, but it must be labeled personal use.
This does not apply to my designer resources such as presets-custom shapes, brushes, shaped templates,layer styles,or borders What you make from those, you are free label and sell as you wish.They do not have to be labeled PU.
Freebies are allowed, unless otherwise specified in TOU, but they may not be resold in its original format.
You must alter them in some noticeable way, such as merging them with something else, adding on to them, and not just recolouring.
The end result must be different than the original item.
You may not upload anything created by me to any file sharing site, claim them as your own,or send them thru groups to share with others.

CU4CU Items:
You can sell what you make from my CU4CU items, and then label it as CU also.
Credit is very appreciated if possible ( now updated 2014  not mandatory)
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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